February Wishlist

Hi my darlings! I got a bit overwhelmed with everything last week; everything seemed to be piling up, school work, dance rehearsals and my blog all combined just ended up being too much so I decided to take a step back from blogging for a few days. But I’m back! I’m starting February feeling rejuvenated, I’m actually writing this after coming back from my first blogging event ever, and I’m back in the zone. So what am I looking for this month?


I think that mules would be a good shoe to buy at this point in time as they are great for transitioning into the Spring time. I’m so excited for Spring fashion trends to start coming in and mules are a great place to start. They’ve been on my wishlist since last Spring but I’ve never found a pair that have really caught my eye, here’s to hoping I find some this year.

A nice pair of trousers

I’m very petite and because of that it is impossible for me to find trousers that both fit well and are flattering. If you do have any suggestions for places that sell small, nice fitting trousers (preferably a paper bag waist style) then please leave a comment down below! I’m thinking of turning to Brandy Melville as their trousers are a nice fit, but they’re still a tiny bit too long, sigh, problems of being 5’2.

So, what did I manage to find from my January wishlist?

In January I was looking for a beret, a fitted flare skirt and over-the-knee boots, but if I’m honest I haven’t really been shopping that much this last month. I’ve heard that Primark have berets and I’m planning a Primark trip soon though, so watch this space. A grey fit and flare skirt is still on my list, Topshop currently have one in but I’m not a fan of the zip detail across the front so I think I may carry on searching. As for over-the-knee boots I’m thinking of waiting until next winter and investing a good pair, as I doubt I would get much more use out of them over the coming months; though you never know I may change my mind.

Love Chloe x


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  1. Julia Grant
    February 1, 2018 / 10:09 pm

    Good luck x

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