How I Make My Skin Feel (Soap &) Glorious


First of all, can we just appreciate that pun in the post title? Soap & Glory product names are more than often puns or a play on words so I thought I’d channel that idea and create my own, so there you go.

My skin has been very tired and dehydrated recently, so when I saw that this face mask was perfect for dull and lacklustre skin I was very excited. It was just what I needed to get my skin back on track.


I’d never used a sheet mask before so it took a couple of minutes to get used to and work out how to apply it effectively, but once I did it was very easy to put on. Once it was on I may or may not have messaged my friends comparing myself to Iron Man…I was having too much fun, trust me.

I left it on my face for about fifteen minutes and I could already feeling working about two minutes in. It was so cooling and relaxing on my skin that my skin instantly felt soothed. The only bad point was that the mask had a rather clinical smell, almost like cleaning products, with a hint of lemon, though it wasn’t deterring enough that I wouldn’t use it again, in fact I got used to the smell after a while.


When I took the mask off there was some of it left on my face so I massaged it into my skin; which I’d recommend over wiping it off with a cloth. It left my skin very hydrated and feeling very soft and full. I’d definitely recommend this face mask for anyone with dry skin; I also have sensitive skin and it didn’t cause any reactions or breakouts, so if you’re scared to try it due to sensitive skin, do not fear.

You can buy your own mask here!

Love Chloe x

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