#Blogmas Day Three – How To Manage Christmas On A Budget

Christmas can be a very expensive time and with so many people to buy for your bank account can often be left on its knees. Being left completely potless is never fun and so I thought I’d share some cute (and practically free) ideas for presents for your friends and family. I’m very sorry for the lack of photos in this blog post but I’ve actually used some of these ideas for presents this year and didn’t want to ruin anything for the people I’m giving them to.

Diaries/calendars with little notes in

I think this is a really cute idea especially if it’s for someone you don’t see very often as it’s like sending them little letters throughout the year. Write in messages on birthdays, memorable dates and then little positive notes on random days in the year. All you have to buy is a diary or a calendar which you can pick up for about 50p!

A photo book

Photos are one of the best way to hold memories and sharing photos is a lovely way to reminisce and give someone a little time capsule of great times you’ve spent together. Simply stick the photos in to a cheap notebook or for a slightly more expensive option, purchase a photo album.

Bake something!

Food is the best way to anyone’s heart and that doesn’t change at Christmas. Baking a batch of cookies, cakes or brownies is a fool proof way to make people smile, for extra brownie points (get it, brownie points?) decorate them with Christmassy things such as Santa, a tree or Rudolph.

Make a video of your memories together

Video software such as iMovie comes free on the majority of Apple products and it wouldn’t be hard, even for people with no editing experience, to put together a short compilation of videos you’ve taken with friends or family. I guarantee they’ll love it!

Hopefully this will safe you a few pennies!

Love Chloe x


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