Christmas Decor Inspiration

It’s getting to that time of the year when you want your house to look as festive as you feel, but you don’t want to compromise on style. Creating an aesthetically pleasing Christmas display in your house can sometimes be stressful so I thought I’d create a go-to guide for a wide range of aesthetics to save you time searching.


As you might have guessed this is definitely the colour scheme I go for as it’s a brilliant way to incorporate my signature pink into my Christmas decorations. I’ve actually got a selection of dusty rose, rose gold, cream and red baubles on my miniature tree at the moment, which I actually bought from John Lewis the other day. If I was putting these baubles on a larger tree I would pair them with other rose gold decorations, such as rose gold snowflakes and bigger rose gold baubles. Personalised baubles are a very personal addition to a tree and these gorgeous ones I found on Etsy are absolutely adorable. To finish things of and make everything blend, other decorations around the room could also be rose gold, such as this rose gold ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting.



Silver is a classic colour for decorating your house for Christmas which means there’s an endless amount of pretty decorations out there. John Lewis also have an adorable bauble (adora-bauble, I’ll let myself out after that awful joke…) set in silver and for some less conventional baubles snowflake shaped decorations for your tree are perfect. Silver tea lights are the perfect addition for a cosy Christmassy room, they’ll look very cute dotted around to tie in to the colours on the tree.



Gold is yet again another classic go-to colour for Christmas and can look so chic and festive when used right in your decorating. These decorations are super pretty with a selection of gold baubles, a string of gold decor to string round your tree and a star to top your tree. To decorate the rest of the room a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is a great way to go as it’s simplistic yet chic.


Have you decided on your Christmas colour scheme?

Love Chloe x

The photos for this post were taken in John Lewis in The Bullring, Birmingham.


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  1. Julia Grant
    November 28, 2017 / 1:44 pm

    Very pretty x

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