How To Beat The Winter Blues

As the evenings get darker and the weather gets worse it can be hard not to feel a little downtrodden and sad. It can be hard to feel happy when our days seem to consist of about two hours of sunshine, but I’m going to share some of the best tips I’ve got on how to beat the winter blues.

Do some exercise…

I find that a bit of light exercise is a really good way to destress and make your body feel re-energised. In the winter time it’s really easy to let your body feel sluggish, but by doing a little exercise each day you should keep yourself feeling healthy and happy.

Pamper yourself…

Nothing makes you feel better on a down day than pampering yourself. Whether it’s nestling down to watch a film, applying a face mask or doing some meditation, giving yourself some rest and relaxation is a great way to keep yourself on top form.

Embrace the winter months…

Remind yourself of all the good stuff that happens during the winter months. Bonfires, snow, parties, Christmas! There are so many good things about the winter months, so try and focus on them instead of the dark nights and gloomy weather. Without winter these things would lose their essence so try and embrace it.

If all of these things fail to make you happy, I guarantee that treating yourself to a mince pie will definitely do the job (they honestly make everything better).

What’s your best tip for dealing with the winter blues?

Love Chloe x


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