Outfit Diaries – Bonfire Night


I love bonfire night and for the past couple of years I’ve spent it with a small circle of my closest friends, which make it even more special. Each year I love to wrap up warm and head out to watch the sky explode with colour; it’s such a magical night with the sky so colourful!

This year I opted for a pink and grey outfit. I apologise for the lack of photos, it was night time and if I’m honest, taking outfit photos completely skipped my mind. I wore my grey coat, which you’ve seen many times on my blog, paired with the matching grey and pink scarf (alternative here) and gloves.


Underneath I wore a cream knit embroidered with pearls (alternative here) across the shoulders and a pink woollen skirt (featured in my YouTube haul here). Together this created a very pretty, girly outfit and to add to this vibe I tied a little pink ribbon into my hair.

Do you enjoy bonfire night? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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