Tea Party Cakes

It’s no secret that I’m a terrible cook – I can hardly make toast and I once burnt chocolate whilst trying to melt it. However, I’m determined to learn and I thought I’d take you guys along on the journey. I’m starting a new section on my blog called ‘Cooking With Chloe’ where I will show you my culinary creations (oh lord, honestly this could turn out a disaster). I thought I’d start out with something I know I’m pretty good at – decorating cakes (although I’m using packet cake mixture because I’m not that good yet…plus it’s very yummy!). For a tea party cute little cakes are a must and these adorable tea cup(cakes) and flower pot fairy cakes are perfect, read on for instructions on how to make them.


Before you start you need cake mix, one egg, a mixing bowl, a wooden spoon, icing sugar, things to decorate your cakes with (I’ve got flowers and carrots), green fondant icing, leaf shaped cookie cutters, teacup cake moulds and flowerpot cake moulds.


For the cake mix you need one cake mix packet, one medium sized egg and 75ml of water. I used a wooden spoon to mix and a knife to crack the egg because I’ve never really mastered the cracking the egg off the side of the bowl trick. Mix these together and blend with the wooden spoon in the mixing bowl.

Before you spoon the mixture in you need to grease the cases, as these are made of rubber. I used Clover butter and rubbed it on using grease proof paper, you could also use margarine to grease your cake cases.

Here I am looking rather moody (damn resting bitch face) spooning the mixture into the cake cases. I filled these cases up about 3/4 as they need room to rise, I was surprised by how much cake mixture actually fitted into these cases, they’re very deep!

I put them in the oven for around fifteen minutes at 220 degrees. I turned the tray round after about ten to make sure that all the cakes had the chance to go golden. I took them out when they were perfectly golden and checked if they were cooked by dipping a knife into them and seeing if it had any raw cake mix on it.



Next I made the leaves to decorate the top of the cakes as I am going to use flowers to make the cakes look prettier. I used a leaf cookie cutter to make these which made it very easy, but they also wouldn’t be too hard to make from scratch.

I made white icing to put on the top of the tea cup cakes so that I could attach the flowers. To do this I simply mixed icing sugar and water; I make my icing quite thick but you can alter this to a thickness of your choosing by adding more/less water.

I used chocolate flavoured icing to create a look of soil for the flower pots. This chocolate icing was so yummy – it tasted like the chocolate you get on the top of eclaires!

Tea Cup(Cakes).jpg

Flowerpot Fairy Cakes.jpg

Voila! My fabulous creations all dolled up with fancy backgrounds. I was very, very proud of these and they were incredibly yummy (if I do say so myself!), if you make these yourself make sure to send me photos or tag me in your social media posts!

Here’s where to buy all of your cooking essentials for this post:

Mixing bowl

Wooden spoon

Cake mixture

Icing sugar

Cake decorations

Chocolate icing

Teacup cases

Flowerpot cases

Shop my outfit (the one I’m wearing for every photo bar the last two) – Black and white bow sleeve top // Black skater skirt (alternative)

Do you guys enjoy these cooking posts? I obviously won’t do them as regularly as fashion and beauty posts but every so often I think they just mix it up.  Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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