The Chanel Shoes That Broke The Internet

Chanel Dupes

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen those Topshop Chanel dupes everywhere (just in case you haven’t I mean these ones). They’re classic, pretty and all round amazing but for someone shopping on a budget paying £39 for a pair of shoes kind of breaks my heart (I’m sorry I’m always a cheapskate deep down!).

However, I did want to recreate this beautiful trend so I turned to my favourite dupe website and tried to find some dupes of the dupe. I found these gorgeous shoes with light beige suede and a beautiful black toe cap; they look so timeless! With a perfectly wearable heel height they’re also very practical for everyday use.

They’re going to be cropping up on my blog a lot over the coming months I’m sure!

Shop them here!

Love Chloe x



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